Great News for Job Seekers


The employment rate in US reached the highest percentage since February 2001. The results from Job Openings and Labour Turnover survey indicate that from May 2014 to June this year the number of job openings increased by almost 2.1 per cent. According to the same survey, there are approximately two candidates for each job opening, a significant decrease from 2.6 at the beginning of the year. Similar trends can be identified in the European/ UK market, as the economy grew by 0.8% in the second quarter of this year, registering the 6th consecutive growth since 2008.

This is a strong indication of positive change in the market and demonstrates a significant strengthening of the economy. This could explain why more and more workers decided in the last months to leave their current jobs, confident that they can find another one (generally better paid).

The fast developing across industries makes this more of a candidate led market, where finding the right talent is increasingly difficult. There is also an increasing tendency for clients to accept candidates with potential but not necessarily all of the experience for the roles to which they are applying. Good news for candidates!

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