How frequently should you change your job?


Every employee wants a great salary, a good relationship with the manager, career progression, flexible working-hours and many other benefits when it comes to their job. If you are not content with the position that you find yourself in, the obvious thing to do is to move to a better company. Also, when chasing quick progression, it may seem like a good idea to move jobs quickly.

However this is a dangerous strategy. Today’s organisations are much less inclined to hire a candidate perceived as a “job hopper” . After interviewing HR managers from industry-leader companies, the average response was no more than 3 career changes within 6 years. If you want to be considered a strong candidate for your next job you must have spent, an average of 2 years with your previous companies. This is related to the core values that many employers wants from a new employee: commitment, passion, consciousness and resilience.

Even though a career change could seem like the best option in some cases, too often changes can impact your image in a negative way. Weigh your decisions wisely and think about your career in long term when you accept a better job!

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