Obvious signs that is the time for you to make a move


Over the past 26 years the employees’ satisfaction decreased from 61% to less than 50 % in 2013 (according to the Wall Street Journal). The economic conditions and the fast paced society that we live in increases the work-related stress and more and more people become unhappy with their jobs. Most of the people decide to stay in an unfulfilling position just because they are afraid to change. Between your daily exhausting tasks and hectic schedule you should remind yourself that all big achieves come at the risk of trying something new.

After years of experience in recruitment we came across four main reasons why employees decide to change their job.


Cultural Fit

Despite the fact that most of the people do their homework before accepting a job and they research into the company’s culture and practices, some of the aspects are unseen until they start working. Reallocation, new team members, change in the company’s lead, make some of  the employees find themselves  isolated in the work environment, unhappy and unable to adapt to the new context. A good collaboration with the team is crucial across all industries and all seniority levels and cultural background, gender, age, ethnicity can be a barrier in teamwork.


Career Progression

Career progression is something that all employees aspire to, but the resilience to achieve it varies from an individual to another. In some corporation the advancement opportunities are very small, and after years of hard work they are still in the same office, with the same title in their signature.


Stress and physical health

Most of the time, the implications of stress on the employees’ physical health are neglected when accepting a role. A better salary or work perspective always comes with more responsibilities and stress. At the beginning, the excitement keeps you motivated and energised but on a long run, an overload of work can negatively impact your health. 



A common reason when looking for a new job is the salary package. As the time passes the responsibilities increase and so is expected the salary, but this is not always the case. Money is one of the reasons why most of the people have a job and when the figures don’t match the expectations the job hunt begins.


What is your situation? Are you happy with your current job? Do you feel valued in your company? What would be your reason for changing your job?

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