Social Media DOs and DONTs

Market yourself (2)

No one can deny the importance and benefits of social media in today’s society. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and Pinterest are the most popular social platforms. According to the Worldwide Social Network Users: 2013 Forecast and Comparative Estimates, one in 4 people are using online platforms, but how well do you make use of these tools to market yourself?

DO use the social media to connect with people that have similar interests with you, expand your network and to get informed on relevant matters to you.
DO keep it simple. Less is more and this applies to online presence as well.

DON’T over-do it. Choose few social platforms that suit your style and use only those to market yourself.
DON’T upload all your personal pictures.
DON’T write in all capitals.
DON’T abuse hashtags and avoid poor grammar and spelling.

According to The Telegraph, half of employers ‘reject potential workers after looking at their Facebook page’. Think in perspective and try to use the internet in your favour.Having a consistent and well defined image across all channels can provide a better understanding for your potential employer.

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